Listening and Learning with Elders


Listening and Learning with Elders

Listening and Learning with Elders is a gathering where you will meet, sit and listen to the stories of local Elders.

Many Australians have been denied the opportunity to learn the truthful stories about the ways Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people lived, nurtured each other and sustained the land for its resources and life.

This is a unique opportunity for you to think and reflect on the way Aboriginal knowledges preceded modern teaching, technologies, engineering, sciences and community development. Understand the resilience required to keep these agendas successful for over 60,000 years and consider the significant impact this had on the 'new colony' and its economy and that the privileges now enjoyed by many, wouldn't be possible without the First Peoples knowledge and support.

Small groupings will allow the flow of respectfully facilitated discussions between Elders and educators. Questions will be answered as stories and knowledge is shared - listening and observing will be key to your learning.


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