Seeking Connections: Children's Social and Emotional Wellbeing


Seeking Connections: Children's Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Social and emotional skills are the essential life skills that support wellbeing, promote children's ability to cope with difficulties and help them to build relationships. This day is an opportunity to explore in-depth ways in which educators can make connections with children and support their wellbeing.

The day will consist of the following 2 sessions

Emotion Coaching - Presented by Beth McGregor 9.30am - 12.15pm

Emotion Coaching is an easy-to-learn process educators can use to help children calm quickly when they're upset. More importantly, Emotion Coaching teaches children the skills required for effective self-regulation, empathy and problem- solving. This practical half-day seminar examines, through case studies and videos, how to use Emotion Coaching in everyday early learning settings.

Supporting Children with Controlling Behaviours - Are we building trust or seizing power? Presented by Trent Savill - 1.00pm - 3.30pm

This seminar explores the neurobiology of stress and attachment and supports participants to reinterpret children's controlling behaviours as a reflection of skill deficits and their past attachment experiences. The session will explore the following topics and strategies for changing children's behaviours:

  • Neurobiology of Stress Development of Secure and Insecure Attachment Templates
  • How Disorganised Attachment manifests in behaviour
  • A framework of Competence instead of Compliance
  • Reading and Responding to Miscues
  • Integrating needs and building Empathy


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