CANCELLED - SafeWork NSW Health and Safety Representatives 1 Day Refresher Course - KU Staff Only


SafeWork NSW Health and Safety Representatives 1 Day Refresher Course - KU Staff Only

The course is intended to assist HSRs and deputy HSRs understand their roles and functions as to how the WHS legislation will influence health and safety outcomes in their workplace. The course aims to inform participants of the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfil their role as Health and Safety Representatives (HSR). 
The target audience of this course includes all elected HSRs under the WHS Act who have previously completed the approved initial five day training course. Participants will refresh their understanding of their roles, powers and functions in the representation, monitoring, investigation and enquiry into work health and safety management at their workplace under the WHS law. 
Enrolment: Enrolment closes 10 days prior to course commencement.  Please note: Names and contact details of course attendees will be notified to SafeWork NSW by the trainer in accordance with the requirements of the NSW WHS Act and NSW WHS Regulation.
Trainer: Nicholas Blackwell, SafeWork NSW Approved Training Provider No. HSR1219
Evidence of Identity: Participants must provide evidence of identity to the trainer one the day of the course to gain entry.  The acceptable evidence is outlined below.  Participants who do not provide this evidence will be refused entry to the course.  This is a SafeWork NSW requirement and cannot be waived by the trainer.
Recognition of Prior Learning: Not available for this course.
Participants with Special Requirements: Please contact the trainer at the time of enrolment if you have any special access, dietary or other requirements.

Evidence of Identity for Health and Safety Representatives Training Courses
WorkCover NSW requires all participants in the Health and Safety Representatives Training Course to bring evidence of identity documents (EOI) to the first day of training. If you do not have sufficient evidence of identity you will be refused entry to the course. This is a WorkCover requirement and cannot be waived by the trainer.

You must bring one document or a combination of documents that includes:

  • Your full name
  • Your photo (e.g. current driver’s licence, passport)
  • Your signature (e.g. current driver’s licence, credit card).
All evidence of identify documentation must:
  • Be originals (certified copies cannot be accepted)
  • Be issued by a government body or a financial institution (see Note 1 below)
  • Be in the same name unless accompanied by a document from the NSW Registry of births, Deaths and Marriages (or State/Territory equivalent) verifying the change of name
  • Include your full name
  • Be in English unless accompanied by an English translation issued by a NAATI accredited translator.
Note 1: Credit cards and savings account cards from overseas institutions can only be accepted if the institutions have representation in Australia, subject to the card or statement being issued in Australia and in English.
Note 2: Special considerations may apply for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and certain disadvantaged groups and details of these can be found below.
Special considerations for evidence of identity (EOI) for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and some persons at risk groups
Special provisions apply to the EOI for persons from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background and some persons at risk groups. The EOI must be verified by two persons recognised as Authorised Referees. Authorised Referees for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders include:
  • Chairperson, Secretary or CEO of an incorporated Indigenous organisation (including Land Councils, community councils, housing organisations etc)
  • Structured Training and Employment Projects and Related Services (STEPERS) panel member formerly known as Community Development Employment Project (CDEP) Coordinator
  • School Principal/School Counsellor
  • Minister of Religion
  • Treating Health Professional or Manager in Aboriginal Medical Services or Health Services
  • Centrelink Agent or Government employee with at least two years continuous service (State, Territory or Commonwealth Government).
The Authorised Referee is to verify the person’s identification by providing a written statement onorganisational or company letterhead. The written statement must include:
  • the person’s full name, current address and date of birth
  • evidence that the Authorised Referee has witnessed the person’s signature
  • the period of time the Authorised Referee has known the person and how they know the person e.g. professionally or personally
  • the Authorised Referee’s signature and date.


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