"I tell the story I am moved to tell" - Educators as protagonists in documentation

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"I tell the story I am moved to tell" - Educators as protagonists in documentation

Documentation practices in early education, typically focus on children's learning; educators are present in documentation only as observers - whether enthusiastic or neutral, their role in documentation is to report on what children have done, and said and accomplished. Ann Pelo asks, "What if we turn this view of documentation on its head? What if we acknowledge that documentation speaks volumes about what educators find meaningful and worthy of their attention and time? What if we call educators to be present in the documentation they create, with their curiosity, insight, uncertainty and self-awareness?"

When we remake our understandings of documentation in these ways, we  begin to practice pedagogical documentation: In pedagogical documentation, practitioners are not reporting on children's learning; instead, they offer their thinking and questioning about the children's thinking and questioning. During this day with Ann, educators will explore the idea that documentation is as much about educators and teachers as it is about children. There will be opportunity to play with writing exercises that call forward educator's voices and perspectives and the opportunity to practice writing stories that make educators' thinking, wondering, and valuing visible.

Bring a notebook and pen and come prepared to write.


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