Cook Create Sustain: A day for Cooks and Educators

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Cook Create Sustain: A day for Cooks and Educators

Food is an essential part of children's health and wellbeing. Through food we also come together as a group and we share our heritage and culture. It is important to everyone.

Come join us for a day of inspiration and ideas about food, cooking and mealtimes. This year we will feature the following:

  • Hints and tips to avoid food waste and spoilage presented by the Love Food Hate Waste Program:
    • Learn how to be more sustainable by avoiding food waste.
  • Nutrition for infants and toddlers by Nutrition Australia:
    • Grow your understanding of good nutrition and food for the wellbeing of our youngest citizens.
  • Winter foods bringing us together by Charlotte Patterson:
    • Discuss what foods are in season and how to use food as an important cultural experience in your centre.


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