NESA Endorsed - The Power of the Book - Connecting Children with Literature

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NESA Endorsed - The Power of the Book: Connecting Children and Literature

There is a strong link between reading with young children and their overall development. By encouraging children to enjoy listening to and reading books, we support them to develop their understanding of the world around them, use their imagination and develop language and literacy skills. When we connect children to stories, they get to know the characters, are able to expand their worlds and have the opportunity to try out  new and wonderful ideas.

During this workshop, we will explore questions such as:

  • Why are books important?
  • Which books are suitable for our bookshelves?
  • How do we connect and use books with children?
  • How do we promote children's thinking, learning and imagination through literature?
  • What about digital books?

Completing The Power of the Book: Connecting Children and Literature will contribute 3 hours of NESA registered PD addressing 2.5.2 and 3.5.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.


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