KU Annual Conference 2019 - The Power of the Question

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Welcome to the KU Conference 2019

The Title of our conference, this year is the Power of the Question. It is a provocation to call forward companions in thinking to consider the art of questioning, as a foundational imperative to authentic early childhood pedagogy.

A rich cohort of international and national speakers extend an invitation for teachers, educators and early childhood professionals to consider the gap between our biggest aspirations and most challenging current realities. They will challenge us to step into pedagogies with courage and confidence and reach beyond the limitations of who we are now and stake a claim for new possibilities.

We are delighted to present renowned educational consultant Alyse Shafer Ivey, as the conference keynote speaker who will set the stage for thinking and dialogue. She will encourage practitioners to contemplate an intellectual landscape, that honours thinking about thinking and the art of questioning as a gift to support children to reflect upon the implications and machinations of their own thinking.

A complementary strong suite of early childhood specialists will also conspire to challenge us to keep playful inquiry, thoughtful questioning, intellectual agility, critical reflection and culture making at the core of early childhood education. 

Our aim for delegates in 2019, is to embrace this unique opportunity and be inspired to continue to act from deep integrity, to call forward opportunities to practice and critique the art of questioning, to engage in  rich conversations and sound pedagogical decisions that will generate opportunities for children to be nimble and reflective, curious and challenged, innovators and researchers.

Let’s transform the power of the question to spark the engines of intellect and inquiry.

Completing KU Annual Conference 2019 - The Power of the Question will  contribute 4 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.



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