Food for Thought: A Morning for Cooks and Educators

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Food for Thought: A Morning for Cooks and Educators

Cooks and Educators working together can promote children's interest and delight in healthy and fresh foods. As well as a cooking demonstration of easy to prepare meals, this special event will focus on the following topics:  

  • Louise Edney from Nourishing Nosh will talk about whole foods and strategies for introducing new foods and tastes to children.
  • Charlotte Patterson, KU chef, as well as giving a cooking demonstration, will talk about nutritious and economical foods, time saving tips and adding variety to the menu.

Our presenters

Louise Edney is a nutritionist, who in 2012 founded Nourishing Nosh cooking school and catering company and more recently the Get Nourished nutrition program to educate people about the importance of nutritious food and the skill of cooking. Her approach is balanced and practical and aims to empower all who eat (and/or provide food for others) to enjoy cooking, eating and sharing delicious meals, snacks and lunch boxes that help to energise and vitalise family and friends.

Louise advocates that by avoiding highly processed foods where possible, young taste buds become accustomed to the natural flavours, sweetness and saltiness of food, rather than the chemically enhanced versions. This is incredibly important because once you've learnt to love the over flavoured varieties, natural can be harder to enjoy.

"As influential adults and food educators, it is our role to expose children and encourage them to try a variety of (new) foods in fuss free environments. Parents and Carers play a vital role in their children's food choices and do not always realise the power of their leverage."

Charlotte Patterson, KU Children's Centre Chef, draws on her experience as a professional chef, committed and successful 'kitchen gardener' and mother, to provide new ideas and well-loved recipes when catering for large groups of young children



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