Culturally Safe and Respectful Curriculums and Environments

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Culturally Safe and Respectful Curriculums and Environments

'As educators we're expected to teach children about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, but we don't know what we're doing'.

If this sounds familiar and you're of the opinion, like many others, that it's 'better  to do something rather than nothing', then we encourage you to join this workshop and explore the perspectives of some Traditional Owners and first teachers in early childhood education - their culture, stories and Lore's have never been lost and continue today.

Aboriginal people are leaders in teaching and sharing their culture. They've  worked in education for decades as teachers, directors, tertiary academics and in a range of other roles.

Aboriginal educators and knowledge holders have overcome destructive assimilation policies enforced by a dominant education system and pedagogy and this is your chance to learn by listening to the stories of the barriers they have and continue to face.

This workshop will challenge many existing practices and ideas seen in early childhood environments today. It is intended that you be equipped with new ideas, perspectives and reflective tools, to support the provision of culturally safe curriculums and learning environments that facilitate true reconciliation in early childhood.


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